Saturday, September 26, 2009

Late Night Pizza Snack

Dev and I don't always feel like cooking and eating a big meal when its late, so we decided to make 3 small pizza's with half of the pizza dough I made a couple days before. (These were about 3 in wide, 9 in long?)

BBQ Chicken.
YUM! A new favorite of mine! ...Dev on the other hand, wouldn't touch it.
I used pre-cooked, diced chicken breast mixed with bbq and tomato sauce, diced onion, fresh mozzarella slices and topped with freshly chopped cilantro once I took it out of the oven. This pizza was only half bbq, and the other half was ham. Darn. Next time, it's ALL BBQ.

Dev's favorite, pepperoni!
Topped with a 3-cheese blend and topped with fresh mozzarella slices.

Dev's other favorite, Cheese!
Fresh Mozzarella, Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses.

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