Sunday, December 7, 2008

Angel Bakers

My friend Juliet is an inspiration and the most thoughtful, giving person you'll know. She's a mother of 2, stepmother of 1, owns a successful children's boutique Bella & Max and is currently starting her own children's shoe line - nothing can stop her! ;-)

Last month, Juliet signed up with Soldier Angels to write letters of encouragement to soldiers who are wounded and in stationed in a hospital in Washington D.C., and her daughter Bella also writes letters to a soldier in Iraq. I was so moved by their cause and what she is doing I wanted to be involved somehow (but felt completely intimidated since I am such a piss-poor writer.)

I checked out their WEBSITE - you can adopt a soldier and join various teams such as sewing, card writing, and there is was...

I applied a few weeks ago and just received my Soldier contact info! I am ready to send off my first care package! I read it could take up to 6 weeks for a soldier to receive their package (WOW) so, I tried to make treats I thought would travel well...

Trix crispy treats and S'mores bars.

Dev donated his favorite popcorn too!

If you are reading this Juliet, thank you.
You are the real deal - much love, Puffy.

We wish all our troops well and our thoughts are with them this holiday season.


Greta Perry said...

Thank you for getting your wings and spreading the word!!!

Retail Therapy said...
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Juliet said...

Oh Puffy.... I JUST saw this! You are so amazing and while I appreciate you tootin' my horn it is so not true. I can't compare to you! Artist, designer, seamstress (i was going to write sewer but that sounds out like soo-er), blogger and CHEF! It takes way more effort and work to make and package goodies for the soldiers serving our Country. You are awesome! I'm so proud you are my friend... I so, so, so am! xoxoxo