Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stealth Health! Chili version 2.0

Apologies, I DID NOT take a NEW picture tonight, so this is an old pic from September's Chili post. (Tonight's chili was not served with sour cream.)

Last week, I had a nice get-together/lunch with my sister Kim! We talked about getting old and our bad eating habits. (I realized that everything on my foodblog was... bacon, cheese, deep fried fatness...)
... THANK YOU Kim, for giving me the jump-start on Stealth Health! Baby steps, right? Maybe you'll visit StumpyMunchies again someday?

Tonight's chili had a few modifications:
thick cut bacon --> turkey bacon
ground beef --> lean ground turkey
beef broth --> 99% fat free beef broth

All I have to say is, I didn't tell Dev beforehand, and he had second helpings! Being the Beefasaurus that he is, I consider tonight's dinner a SUCCESS! Give it a go. You won't miss the beef, bacon or full fat broth. The chipotle and spices are a good cloaking device. I want to try a vegetarian route next time... I've read about Yves Good Ground? Anyone try this? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You might try Field Roast as a meat alternative.

Whole Foods, etc carry it in sausage form.

It tastes like bacon!

KYMadan said...

Thank you! I'll look for it!

kyknitty said...

Yea Karin! Good job :) I'm definitely going to try this out...